Tezos ICO Stats

Here are the financial numbers raised from the Tezos ICO which was completed back in July 2017. Since then, BTC has forked twice and ETH prices made solid gains. While this isn't a fully accurate picture of current Tezos Foundation holdings since they have liquidated some holdings since the ICO closed, it is our aim to illustrate the base "what would have been raised" scenario if all crypto raised were held until now.


  • Total Coins: 65,681
BitCoin Cash

  • Total Coins: 65,681
BitCoin Gold

  • Total Coins: 65,681

  • Total Ether: 361,122
Total USD Value Raised

Direct Valuation of Tez

Total Tezzies: 607,489,040.89

Source: Tezos Foundation Fundraiser Statistics